08-30 Argument for Writing Test and TDD
08-06 Using Ansible to Install Docker and Docker Compose on New Lightsail Instance
08-05 Create JSON Payload for API Test Using Factory Bot
08-03 Setup HTTP(s) and Reverse Proxy to Docker Web App
08-01 Rails Copy Assets bundler Cache to Speed Up Build
07-30 Sidekiq Graceful Shutdown in Fargate ECS
05-19 About Web Assembly. Example for Ruby Web Assembly
04-02 Statically Compile Crystal Program and Distribute as docker Image
03-26 Share Docker Images as Files
03-19 Reduce Cost of Aws Bill - Part 1
03-10 Speed Up Docker Build using cache


09-06 Enable Docker Remote Api on Docker Host
09-05 Setup NFS Server on Ubuntu
09-04 Wildcard Domain in Pi Hole
08-22 Validating YAML Files in Ruby
08-22 Which Language Should I Build This Software In
08-04 Getting Started With ESP 32 Development
08-01 Amazing Emoji Keyboard in Linux
07-19 Running Migrations From Console
07-17 Access History in IRB
07-03 Remote Coding Using Tailscale and Code Server
07-01 Adding New Key per User to AWS EC2 Instance
06-12 HTOP for GPU in Linux
06-12 How I Setup Dark Theme in My Blog
06-08 Append to File using Bash
05-31 Using String in Active Record(Rails) Enum
05-21 PHP + MySql a Deadly Combination: My introduction to the real world
05-19 GIN: Generalized Inverted iNdex (on text)
05-17 Count How Many Routes You Have
02-17 Books I Read 2021


04-24 Consequences of saying NO
03-28 Right vs Wrong (Part 1)
02-13 Books I Read 2020


09-13 What You Learn From Binge Watching


05-01 [TIL] Starting Ruby Method With Capital Letter


08-20 Review on Rail 4.3.0 Beta


09-25 Splat Operator in Ruby
06-11 Convert Short Urls to Long Urls
05-23 Open and View the Source Code of a Gem
03-15 When My Alarm Was Found to Be Not Working
01-23 Model Update_attribute Update_attributes


12-05 Make Self Executing Ruby Scripts Linux
11-27 Setup Postgresql and Its Libraries to Work With Rails
11-15 Install Ruby via Source Ubuntu
01-29 Store RPM Packages in Cache
01-25 Create Your Own Ubuntu
01-14 puts "Hello World"