Which Language Should I Build This Software In? or Which language should I have this software developed In?

This is a question that software devs gets asked a lot. By there friends/colleague , usually by who are not part of the software industry. This is my answer to them:

If you had an idea for a novel? or a poem? which language will you write it in. Italian, Tamil, Bengali? Would you try to learn a new language because there are a lot of similar novels (anime) in Chinese or Japanese.

The best language to write your novel is the language you know the most.

So when you are researching on building an idea. What you need to concentrate on finding a person you are most comfortable working with. You should be inviting tech savoy people for a cup of coffee or couple of beers. And asking them how they would build this app (if they have to). Learning from the information they are offering and building the blueprint. Finding smarter and smarter people learning from them. Because that’s how everyone learns.

My thoughts and recommendations for people trying to start a tech company/product (as a non tech person).

  1. You might not have to or want to code, but you shouldn’t look like an idiot. So learn the industry.
  2. Meet more and more tech savoy and smart people. More information you hear more will enter your brain through osmosis.
  3. Build blueprint - try to build small quantifiable steps
  4. Be ready to make mistakes. Making mistakes and moving forward is still better than dreaming about success
  5. Hire freelancers - try to build those small steps, learn what they did or build.
  6. Stop trying to build Rome in a day
  7. Be a cheerleader a smart cheerleader and not a drunk one who don’t remember the score