What You Learn From Binge Watching

Binge Watching or Marathon watching is the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming (Source: Oxford Dictionary). It has become a more common pass time or activity for the common people. It has become something that is planned and prepared to do alone or as a group. The availability of shows on demand through streaming service is the reason behinds huge growth of this activity, from a casual reference here and there to a more common social activity.

There is the joy of waiting for each episode, per week. Discussing theories for the next episode and reviews of the previous one with friends or other fans. This is still there even when you binge watch. Just that instead of the next episode you are discussing about the next season.

But what I wanted to write is not about what binge watching is or how it is (or it is not) good. What I wanted to talk about is, what I learned or noticed binge watching old TV shows or a long 10/11 season TV shows. The good points that I feel like is good to know or keep in mind in ones life. The one here is me of course 😁.

[TIL] Starting Ruby Method With Capital Letter

Last day while I was browsing through some Java code online, I noticed that some method has names starting with capital letters. I Method names are written in small letters in ruby. This Java code made me wonder if there was anything preventing us from using method names starting with capital letter, in ruby. So I started my irb and wrote the following code. 1 2 3 def Test puts 'testing 123' end And when I ran to call the method Test in the irb i got the following error.

When My Alarm Was Found to Be Not Working

Due to some unfortunate events

  1. Loosing my phone
  2. K-alarm crashing

I faced a common problem for many people “No alarm to wake me up in the morning”. Like every single man, I love sleeping. So unless an alarm or person wakes me up, I will continue to enjoy sleeping - until the urge from my second passion (hunger) wakes me up.

Despite the fact that I love sleeping, my team mates at Ruby Kitchen, won’t be happy with me coming late to work. Challenged with such a problem, I did what every computer hacker would do.

Wrote a program to wake me up, at 6:00 AM 😁

Model Update_attribute Update_attributes

Lot of people might have a confusing between the functionality of update_attribute and update_attributes. The purpose of these functions can be understood from their name itself. the first one update_attribute would update a single attribute of the model

Make Self Executing Ruby Scripts Linux

To run a ruby program we use the command ruby

ruby program_name.rb.

Ruby being an interpreter style language, each line is interpreted(read) one after the other and executable object code file is created for reuse like in case of compiler languages C, C++, etc.. To run a ruby code you need a ruby interpreter installed in your system.