There is no better examples of evolving definition (during the lifetime of person) than the definition of right or wrong.

When we are little the definition of Right and Wrong is absolute. The adults define them (especially our parents). What the show as Right is Right and what they treat as Wrong is Wrong. That is the time when everyone see right and wrong as binary, the simpler times which our mind will ache for in future. Telling lies are wrong, stealing is wrong.

As we grow right around the time we start school, we learn that right and wrong are relative. There are little lies and big lies, little truths and honest truth. We learn to navigate this world with our friends and young foolish loves. This relative truths are based on the absolute truth from which we grew. Where in the absolute world a lie is wrong. In the relative world, simple and small lie here and there is fine. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it makes your life simpler.

Then we move on to adult hood no longer under any guidance, but free independent being. Trying to fit into the part of the world that society has trained us for. And that’s when we discover that right and wrong is subjective, it changes from person to person, geography to geography, even depend on the time in history you are part off.

Thing that are wrong now, were the right of the past. Things that are right now were wrong of the past. Something wrong in one country, is right in another. Something wrong for a person, is fine to another.

Anything that doesn’t belong in my know (Self Aware) group of right things, should be in the wrong bucket. (Right < Wrong)

Anything that is not done like everyone else around you is wrong.

Its all subjective…

Wonder if there are more iterations, wonder if there is a final definition, or would it be that in the end we realize it all bull shit. Opinions of few people, treated as facts and forced on others as morals.

Right Vs Wrong - more as I myself learn more about this subject.