I have seen many people write about the favorite books that they read in (2020, 2019, etc). I have a friend who has been posting regularly for almost a decade. Feeling inspired from this, here is my list of books that I read in 2020. I do like reading books, but I haven’t been able to keep up with as much as I would have loved to read. 2020 allowed me to catch up a bit, and hope to continue that.

PS: Unlike most others who write their favorites, mine is pretty much just a list of books I read.

Courage to be Disliked

by Ichiro Kishimi (Author), Fumitake Koga (Author)

This is the only non fictional or slightly non fictional book I could finish in 2020. Its a conversation between two people, about (you guessed it) the courage to be disliked. I loved it personally as many thoughts reflected what I and several people, struggle in their regular life.

It took me quite a bit of time to finish the book, due to the tough subject. But I am glad that I finished it.

If it Bleeds - 4 short stories

by Stephen King (Author).

Now I must admit, the reason why I brought this book was because of the writers popularity. I really like the movies based on his book.

The book is a collection of 4 short stories. My favorite was the one wth the name “If It Bleeds”, because the character there is based of another book of stephen king called Mr. Mercedes. I haven’t read that book, but I have seen its TV Series (all 3 seasons), so when I realized that the character here was from there it really peaked my interest. Its a good read, can’t complain.

Anansi Boys

by Neil Gaiman

This was recommended to me by my cousin. Out of all the books, I would say this was most humorous one, and a good fantasy. I loved the growth of the character and the brothers realizing what both wanted in life.

Blue Moon - Lee Child

by Lee Child

I found this book lying in street, and glad that I did. Its the first novel of Lee Child that I have read. A book in the Jack Reacher Series. Its about an american military policeman who is navigating through life after service. I don’t know much about the other books in the series, though I did watch the two movies based on the books.

Its a good action novel, the only action (hand to hand) novel I read in 2020 year as well.

Invisible Life Ivan Isaneko

by Scott Stambach

Its a story about a 17 year old boy who is born with severe disabilities (and short life span), and have spend whole of his life at the hospital. (After being abandoned by his mother).

The way Ivan handles life, his love for books and his mental curiosity about the simplest things allowing him to have a wild imagination. Those are the things one would find thought provoking when they read this.

The evolution of the character is what I liked the most in this book.

Breaking Sky

by Cori McCarthy (Author)

This is the first book I bought, in a really long time. Infact I bought it in 2019.

The story is set in the future with a military scenario, where a group of teenagers (young adults) is recruited to help pilot a futuristic fighter plane, that is super fast.

My motivation to buy this book was the storyline. Being set in the future, and about the military, I was hoping this book to be a fast read and allow me to get back into my old reading habits. The first half of the story progressed relatively slow, but it gave a good understanding of everything that’s happening in that timeline. But the finish was too fast, but over all a good book.

Revival - Stephen king

A nice horror by Stephen King, it talks about addiction and loss of loved ones - how it affects others. Stephen King novels doesn’t need much description 🎃

And I hope to read all of his works one day.

False Impression - Jeffery Archer

Like Stephen King, Jeffery Archer is another favorite author of mine. I have read his books growing up and found it always interesting. His books are always a page turner.

This one is about art and its happening the same time as 9/11 (New York). In fact she (fiction) was in the building when the towers were hit. During all those a turmoil she is trying to do the right thing, save an old lady from being robbed of her family money. Finding way to travel during the 9/11, navigating through the Art world, assassination attempts, etc.

The author took great time and effort to detail everything. Even did justice to the description of what happened in New York during 9/11.


Keeping with the progress I made in 2020, I hope to read regularly and more in 2021. Reading, for me personally, activates my creativity more than just watching a movie, and that is my real aim with reading. I hope read at least 12 book this year, and already have a few titles in mind.

  • Algorithms in Everyday Life
  • The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington - by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
  • A Promised Land - by Barack Obama