About Harisankar P S (HsPS)

I am a free spirited, free thinking, technology and open source enthusiast. I have been building web based software(s), some way or the other, for the past 14 years (since 2006). Started with customizing PHP scripts like PHP-Fusion, Joomla, Drupal, etc for personal projects, to the present professional development using Ruby on Rails and React.JS/Vue.Js. In between those years, I have also dabbled [1] in many technologies such as Python, Java, Erlang, Lua, Elixir, Crystal Lang, Go, Typescript, to name a few.

I love working with servers, orchestrating them to run in unison like a musical symphony.

For some people driving fast cars is what makes them high, for me it’s making web app run faster.

My creed in my work, life, and business:


Simple but Jada [2]

As a speaker

I love sharing what I learn, even the simple stuff. As a self learner (and slow learner) myself, I have gained tremendous knowledge and life changing inspiration from those who take the effort to explain the small & complicated stuff in much detail. I try to do the same by speaking, coaching, and helping beginners.

Few Technical Conf/Meetups where i got an opportunity to speak

  • Ruby Conf Taiwan, 2016
  • Deccan Ruby Conf, 2017
  • PostgreSQL Conf India, 2017
  • South Easy Ruby, 2017 (Nashville, USA)
  • Ruby Conf Philippines, 2018
  • Rails Conf 2018, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Ruby/Elixir Conf Taiwan, 2018
  • I have spoken countless times at Kerala Ruby Meetups
  • Have spoken ones at LA Ruby Meetup

I have also spoken as an advocate for open source, diversity in tech, entrepreneurship, Linux, etc.

I have given trainings and workshops for students and working professionals in Ruby on Rails as well.

Work Experience

Professionally I have always been an entrepreneur working as a freelance programmer, consultant, building products, and managing my own software development company.


  • [1] For me to say I dabbled or know a language, I would have written minimum of 1000+ lines of code in the language (and had someone pay me to write a script/program/solution for them in the said language)
  • [2] Jada is a term in my primary language malayalam meaning Amazing